Never Beloved

Through his vanity, he clings to her.

Her strawberry lips kindly smile through him,

Flirting with his power, not seeing him.

Never worthy.

Leaving her dancing amidst lustful beasts,

His sovereign limbs collapse in his weary throne.

With blind blue eyes, he watches her lack of loyalty.

Never blinking.

Offering up a beer to him, I kneel

Before his feet. With quivering lips, I

Sacrifice myself to him humbly.

Never breathing.

His burning ears almost hear, but instead

I vaguely echo, as he drowns in her reflection.

My offering is casually dismissed.

Never touched.

I fade from him, having failed my god.  Broken and

With trembling fingers, I fondle a cold trigger.

The barrel screams, and I fall silent.

Never heard.

Billie Jean Grey


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