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Billie Jean, the Player

Everything in life is a game.  Figure out the game, learn the rules and win.  A brilliant professor told me that once.  So my goal is to win.  I suppose I should say, Bon and mine’s goal.  Bonnie’s my best friend. To Bon and I, winning looks the same:  great guy, marriage, kids. Bon and I know each other probably better than we know ourselves. We keep each other from our own stupidities. We’re family really.  Not like that ridiculous one I was born into.  My mother is a Doris Day clone, masking her misery and judging everyone by her Doris Day-standards.  Flaws being found when appearances aren’t perfect.  My father has always been perfectly happy with every woman who has turned his fancy.  A connoisseur of female pleasure.  Family.  But we are not doomed to become them.  I have Bon.  I know the rules.  I will win.  After all, life is just a game of Risk.


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