Friends of Virtue

Friends of Virtue is a series of picture books explaining Biblical values, aimed at preschoolers and emergent readers.  Each book is approximately 110 words and follows the main character, Baby, as she spends time with one of her Friends of Virtue (Patience, Mercy, Joy, Faith, Grace, Charity, Justice, Hope).  When Baby abandons her Friends of Virtue, she discovers what life is like without them and is reminded that despite her mistake, her Father always loves her.  In the end, she learns that life is better when she stays with her Friends of Virtue.

The Friends of Virtue series aims to give concrete examples of abstract concepts by personifying a virtue.  The virtue is also simplified into various activities the characters experience (Grace is kind to others; Faith knows what cannot be seen; Charity loves in different ways).  Sentences are simple, with repetition for better comprehension for younger children and to promote reading skills in emergent readers.  Each book is based on a Bible verse, which can be found on the last page.



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