About Me

i am the mother of two young children, the eldest of whom has special needs and the youngest I have recently embarked on the adventure of homeschooling. The majority of my time is consumed with the responsibility and fun of being a mother, although i have not forgotten my first love, Writing.

I have facilitated a community group, the ASK Network (assisting special kids), educating families with special needs kids on legal rights, medical research, navigating the school system and local resources. The ASK Network also provided such opportunities as sensory friendly films, special needs Christmas festivities and helped support and raise awareness for other local special needs non-profits organizations, such as Special Olympics and FRIENDS. Through ASK, i also coordinated with a local non-profit, City Youth Ballet, to create Dancing with Disabilities, which provided special needs children with free ballet lessons. Separate from ASK, I have spoken at East Tennessee State University, Milligan College and the Pediatric Psychiatric Collaboration on topics including The Special Needs Family, The Unseen Financial Burden of Special Needs and Disabled Gaps in the Community.

Although my life seems to lead me astray, i always return to Writing again in the hopes of being faithful. i enjoy crafting short stories and poetry, and at the moment, I am finishing  my first novel, the Womb. i have been published in the anthology, World Poetry Library in 1989, won the Purple Crayon Writing Contest in 1999, published in the literary magazine, Sojourn, in 2001, published online at iWriteIt in 2009, received commendations from The Lady in the Loft in 2013 and currently write for the Yarn Exchange on WETS.

i can be reached at sarahelizabethstories@gmail.com or on Twitter at twitter.com/sehunter31



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