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Alone. Confused. Abandoned

Alone. Confused. Abandoned.

I’d beg you not to leave,

But that would only hold you back.

I’d tell you to run to her a thousand times,

If you’d be happy.

I’d sit and bask in the joy you’d have,

Yet I’d hate myself forever.

So go, my love,

Spread your wings and fly.

I will smile, with slow tears.

Alone. Confused. Abandoned.

Billie Jean Grey


Savannah’s Song

I’m told there’s nothing in me.

I’m told I am a shell.

Beautiful. Fragile. Speechless.

But there is wisdom in me.

There are truths unheard.

There is silliness and sweetness

Behind my fragile smile.

It is easily forgotten

The vastness inside a shell.

I can offer a new way to view the world,

To teach the children,

To love thy neighbors.

Behind my beautiful smile,

Lays a new way to experience life.

I can change the world.

Beautiful. Strong. Silent.

The mysteries of theĀ  universe

Are often heard inside a shell.

Behind my speechless smile.

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