the Womb (a novel)

Eight people following various paths find themselves forsaken in a barren wasteland, the Womb. Isolated in the Texas heat, the Womb pulses and thrives, creating a life of it’s own.  Wanderers drift in and out, while squatters rest.  Dancing, drugs and sex find shelter within the canvas walls, providing the inhabitants freedom from inhibition and the opportunity to lose themselves. Each with their own agenda, the lives of Billie Jean, Kane, Eden, Jareb, Bethany, Sam, Rieff, and Lady Ophelia become entangled.  None able to separate their actions from the others, in a delicate balance that could destroy the Womb.

Bios from the Womb are now available.  Learn what motivates the eight entangled strangers.  Want to know more about a character?  Post a question under their Bio and the character will get back with you as soon as possible.

Look for glimpses into each of their lives outside of the Womb coming soon.


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